The Academy Solution

Welcome to All-American Micro-Class Academy (AAMCA), a membership-based network of parents and teachers who believe in their American and God-given freedoms to make health and education choices for their own children without government intervention or control.



AAMC Academy is a membership-based organization which facilitates alternative schooling through a network of private home-based micro-classes (aka pods). Through this organization like-minded Parent and Teacher members are optimally matched and assisted in the formation and maintenance of micro-classes utilizing a best-in-class curriculum rooted in American values. 



  1. Help families and teachers unify against teacher and student mask and Covid-19 jab mandates through “Pivot-Ready-PodsSM and Active Micro-Classes, and a like-minded supportive community.

  2. Assist parents with the recruitment and pre-qualification of top-caliber and experienced lead, assistant, substitute and specialty teachers.

  3. Equip teachers to stay gainfully employed in what they love to do, while protecting them from illegal mandates.

  4. Create and recommend a best-in-class curriculum rooted in American values, which meets and exceeds educational standards.

  5. Provide guidance, resources and materials to implement and operate micro-classes.

  6. Enable economies of scale through a cooperative of micro-classes.

  7. Regulate and protect the operation of micro-classes through membership by-laws.



The Academy's Micro-Classes give parents flexibility and children the benefits of socialization.  The Academy blends together a formalized private school curriculum with the independent freedoms of home-schooling. While AAMCA facilitates efficiencies of scale for knowledge and resources for home-based micro-classes, it also creates a community of like-minded parents and teachers, enhanced with membership gatherings and field trips.


AAMC Academy creates and helps families implement a five-day-a-week, all-day in-person curriculum for Pre-K through sixth grade with a philosophical foundation rooted in American values. The curriculum is thoughtfully and optimally created by experienced educators and accredited curriculum developers with review and approval of the founders.


The Academy recruits and qualifies experienced educators, and brings Parents and Teacher members together to form the Micro-Classes based on locale and students of the same or similar grades.  Per the membership constitution and bylaws, the Teacher members meet and exceed California standards in teaching the curriculum while also providing individualized student focus supported by a low student to teacher ratio (<10-to-1 below 4th grade, and up to 15-to-1 for 4th-12th grades).



  • To provide a robust depth and breadth of education in core, complementary and enrichment subjects, meeting and exceeding California Core Standards.

  • To purposefully teach the Spanish language as a secondary language for life application, and the Spanish culture as one of many cultures for an appreciation of world cultures.

  • To instill discipline and character for life-long happiness, leadership and success.

  • To build appreciation of the arts cultivating freedom of expression.

  • To challenge the individual child to their maximum potential, well-preparing them for their callings in life


  • To develop a strong sense of American pride and patriotism without exposure to political bias.


  • To purposefully exclude any subject study, curriculum content or class discussion promoting anti-Americanism, hate speech, idolization of violence or violent protests, critical race theory, bias towards non-democratic societies or non-capitalistic economies (socialism, communism, totalitarianism, etc.), religious preference, sex education, sexual orientation, and any other ideals which contradict the bylaws of the organization.


  • To instill cross-cultural tolerance and appreciation by welcoming world religions which believe in one good almighty God.  The organization is secular and believes specific religion studies are the responsibility of the family.